[Dovecot] forward flag metadata

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Thu Aug 24 05:49:34 EEST 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-23 at 19:27 -0700, Tim Schafer wrote:
> In testing the migration from courier-imap to dovecot I've discovered
> that the forward flag on messages isn't kept track of in a standard way.
> courier-imap seems to keep track of forwarded messages in courierimapkeywords/:list
> dovecot seems to add an 'a' flag to the filename.

The 'a' is mapped to the keyword in dovecot-keywords file (0 = a, 1 = b
etc.). Does that file exist and does it contain "0 forwarded"?

> Unfortunately this 'a' flag information doesn't seem to be given out by dovecot.
> It's like it's write only.
> Is it a bug that dovecot doesn't hand out the "forwarded" metadata?

Seems to work with me:

x store 1 +flags forwarded
* 1 FETCH (FLAGS (forwarded))
x OK Store completed.
x fetch 1 flags
* 1 FETCH (FLAGS (forwarded))
x OK Fetch completed.

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