[Dovecot] getting dovecot unwedged

Scott Murman dovecot at segosha.net
Thu Aug 24 18:30:31 EEST 2006

I'm having a problem with the dovecot server.  I've upgraded to 1.0rc7
to no avail.  My naive view is that a cache file is corrupt, or a lock
file cannot be unset.
Certain mailboxes cannot be accessed to read or write.  Checking the
process, the server looks stuck in an infinite poll/wait loop. 
telnetting directly to the 
server shows that things are definately amiss, though the original
problem may have been caused by a faulty client (Apple Mail or Outlook).

My question at this point is how to unwedge the server.  Is there a
cache repair utility, or a list of files which shouldn't exist?  I don't
see this info on the Wiki.

After sortinig this out, I'm going to install mysql, since this seems to
be the more-tested installation.  Will dovecot automatically rebuild my
current databases or do i need to prepare for sql by hand?


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