[Dovecot] Restricting Services (POP or IMAP)

Rui Lopes rgl at ruilopes.com
Thu Aug 24 19:18:59 EEST 2006

Odhiambo WASHINGTON wrote:
> It would be great to have a HOWTO in the wiki, on how to restrict 
> services by username in dovecot, so some users are allowed IMAP
> and others not allowed.
> As concerns restricting users by IP, I believe that is a bad idea.
> It's almost a useless idea, imnsho, because they can connect from
> another IP.
> It's easy to restrict services by IP using a firewall or by using
> inetd.

That can be done, at least, with a SQL passwd db, see:


	-- Rui Lopes

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