[Dovecot] Restricting Services (POP or IMAP)

Christian Schmidt christian at siebenbergen.de
Fri Aug 25 13:02:39 EEST 2006

Hello Odhiambo,

Odhiambo WASHINGTON, 25.08.2006 (d.m.y):

> * On 24/08/06 22:58 +0200, Christian Schmidt wrote:
> | 
> | IMO it would be great if dovecot could use tcpd/libwrap...
> I agree, but .....
> Isn't that true for any service that is started via inetd? 

Sure, but I favor services that are running on their own...

> It should 
> work if you can start dovecot via inetd, but I don't like the idea
> either, coz using runit or daemontoools is better.
> However, I believe support for tcpd/libwrap can be incorporated into
> dovecot if you can convince Timo to do it, 

@Timo: What do you think about it?
IMO it can be very useful if a "service" offers its own possibility of
blocking hosts and/od networks without depending on external tools
like packet filters.

> or make it worth his time if you really need it asap ;)
> If you know some C++, you can get the code from mysqld, exim, etc,
> which have it already, and submit a patch.

Unfortunately, the only thing I know about C++ is that it's a
programming language. ;-)

Christian Schmidt

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