[Dovecot] Reproduced the Login process died too early issue.

Johnny Vestergaard jkv at unixcluster.dk
Sat Aug 26 22:37:10 EEST 2006

On 26/08/2006, at 21.12, Daniel Ballenger wrote:

>> Aug 26 18:46:36 soekris postfix/cleanup[14739]: fatal: accept
>> connection: Too many open files in system
> That would be a system limits issue, not a dovecot issue iirc.
> Youi'll need to raise the limits for fds (file descriptors) in your
> system for the dovecot user to be higher than it currently is (not
> really sure what you should raise it to).

Yup, but only the spawned children ought to go down, not the main daemon


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