[Dovecot] format for per-user QUOTAs in passwd-file?

OpenMacNews openmacnews at gmail.com
Sun Aug 27 04:26:44 EEST 2006

what's the correct format for setting per-user override quotas in a passwd-file?

in my "dovecot.conf", i've:

	protocol imap {
		mail_plugins    = quota imap_quota
		mail_plugin_dir = /usr/local/dovecot-plugins/imap
		plugin {
			quota        = maildir:storage=10240 # 10 MB quota limit

in my "imap_user_file", i've:

	passdb passwd-file {
		args            = /etc/dovecot/imap_user_file

i have:

	user at mydomain.com:{PLAIN}testpass:::::: quota=maildir:storage=4096

on login to the user at mydomain.com, however, QUOTA on the account's mailboxes is 
reporting as the global default:


something wrong in my user string, i s'pose ...




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