[Dovecot] 0.99.11 (CentOS4 or RHEL4) to 1.0.rc7 upgrade folder issue

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Mon Aug 28 18:56:28 EEST 2006

[Sending this again from the email account that I actually have
subscribed to the list - hopefully won't be a dup...]

We have been running dovecot-0.99.11-2.EL4.rpm on CentOS4 (since that's
the latest that ships with RHEL/CentOS) for a while. Aalso in parallel,
we have been running  various 1.0 betas and RCs on a different port for
a different set of more test-tolerant users.

This weekend, I upgraded to 1.0.rc7, and made all users use this. I
found a small issue.

All our users have a large set of folders in their Maildir. For the
users who got upgraded from 0.99.11 to 1.0.rc7 (well, the one user who
accessed their mail so far since the upgrade...) their folders weren't
showing up in Thunderbird any more.

Deleting all the dovecot-* files in the Maildir didn't help.

In the end, the user re-subscribed to all the folders and then they
showed up. (FYI, this is a right-click operation on the account in the
Thunderbird tree view, subscribe menu option, then re-check all the
folder names).

Is there anything that can be implemented in 1.0.rc7 so that users don't
have to manually re-subscribe to everything, so the upgrade process in
this situation is a little more transparent?

Is this simply a matter of the different Dovecot versions naming the
folders with different UUIDs (or whatever the IMAP protocol uses), or
something else?

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