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Magnus Holmgren holmgren at lysator.liu.se
Tue Aug 29 16:31:46 EEST 2006

On Tuesday 29 August 2006 13:01, Chris Kenward took the opportunity to say:
> Hi Folks
> New here, so please be gentle!

Just a couple of general netiquette issues: When bringing up a new topic you 
shouldn't use the Reply command, and you should also use a more descriptive 
subject, such as "Mail deleted from IMAP server doesn't disappear".

> Using Dovecot 00.99.11 on a brand new CentOS server running Sendmail and
> Procmail. All working a treat, except I noticed that mail in the IMAP
> folders, when deleted, doesn't appear to disappear into the Trash folder as
> I expected it would, and also doesn't seem to quickly disappear from the
> list.

What mail user agent are you using? Do the messages *appear* in the Trash 
folder? Messages, when deleted, are normally only marked as such and not 
really removed until they are expunged.

> Is there something I should be doing for setup to change this behaviour?
> It's disconcerting to go to your INBOX to read new mail only to be
> confronted with countless "deleted" headers in the Inbox folder.

Magnus Holmgren        holmgren at lysator.liu.se
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