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Magnus Holmgren holmgren at lysator.liu.se
Tue Aug 29 18:28:13 EEST 2006

On Tuesday 29 August 2006 15:41, Chris Kenward took the opportunity to say:
> Hi Magnus
> > Just a couple of general netiquette issues: When bringing up
> > a new topic you shouldn't use the Reply command, and you
> > should also use a more descriptive subject, such as "Mail
> > deleted from IMAP server doesn't disappear".
> Sorry about that - will try and behave a little better in future.

In the future, please send follow-ups to the mailing list. The support you get 
from mailing lists is of a collaborative nature and you can't normally assume 
that because someone replies to your questions, he or she is prepared to give 
you personal assistance. Also, the other list subscribers may be interested 
in the answers.

> > What mail user agent are you using? Do the messages *appear*
> > in the Trash folder? Messages, when deleted, are normally
> > only marked as such and not really removed until they are expunged.
> I'm using Outlook 2003. I've set up this particular account in Outlook as
> an IMAP account and the folders all appear as they should down the left
> hand side.
> 1. Mail arrives and I get the "beep" to let me know.
> 2. I go and look at the Inbox, which has the new message in bold.
> 3. I read the message and then highlight and delete it, using either
>    the DEL key on the keyboard or else the X in Outlook.
> 4. The message header is scored through with a line, denoting that it
>    has been deleted but that's it. The message neither moves from the
>    Inbox to Trash nor does it disappear. So I end up with a load of
>    'deleted' messages in the Inbox.
> Trust that's enough detail. I would have imagined that there would be some
> sort of "refresh" every so many seconds or something which would purge
> 'deleted' messages.

This is a client issue. Some clients let you choose between deleting messages 
by moving them to the Trash folder or just by marking them as deleted (which 
is, arguably, The IMAP Way). I don't use Outlook 2003 myself but from what I 
find by googling it seems that there is no such option in Outlook. However, 
you can choose whether deleted messages are hidden or shown.


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