[Dovecot] dovecot with Calendar or Contacts?

ajmcello ajmcello at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 11:11:27 EEST 2006

I have the SyncKolab plugin installed with Thunderbird. I can't get it to
work properly. Maybe I have to have a Kolab Server? I can get my Address
Book contacts to sync with an IMAP folder when I check Sync IMAP, but I
can't get it to work the other way around. From their website, it seems

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SyncKolab was written to add kolab functionality to thunderbird. It reads a
selected Imap folder and synchronizes it with the local address book and
It has been tested under Thunderbird 1 for Windows and Linux.

What is Kolab?

What it does is, that it loads all your contacts (from a selected address
book) as well as events and todos (from the selected calendar), and
synchronizes them with a selected imap folder. Where every contact is stored
as an vcard and every event,todo as iCalendar. For more information
The idea behind this is, that you can now have your contacts+calendar
entries stored on the imap server. so you can actually have the same
addresses on more than one computer. The kolab project has a groupware
server that uses imap to exchange calendar entries and vcards. But you can
also setup simple sharing in your office if you have f.e. cyrus by
symlinking shared folders.

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Yeah, I've explored the Outlook connectors some. Do any exist that are
free/open source?

On 8/30/06, Curtis Maloney <cmaloney at cardgate.net> wrote:
> ajmcello ajmcello wrote:
> > When I attempted to import my Contacts list into dovecot, my mail
> > client told me that the IMAP server did not support "Special" folders.
> >
> > Is there a way to to do the contacts, or sync up Contacts & Calendar
> from a
> > database or something else?
> >
> > I'm using both Thunderbird and Outlook.
> What are you using in Thunderbird to store your contacts+calendar info on
> the
> IMAP server?  The only tool I've found like that is Kolab Sync, which
> didn't
> work last time I tried it. :/
> As for Outlook - it's absolutely correct.  You'd need some sort of
> "Connector"
> to translate their Contacts/Calendar storage to IMAP.
> --
> Curtis Maloney
> cmaloney at cardgate.net
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