[Dovecot] Dovecot as LDA with Postfix

Gerard Seibert gerard at seibercom.net
Thu Aug 31 18:58:59 EEST 2006

Frank Cusack wrote:

> On August 10, 2006 7:05:05 PM -0400 Gerard Seibert <gerard at seibercom.net> wrote:
> > Marcus Rueckert wrote:
> >
> >> did you configure dovecot as transport or mailbox command?


> > mailbox_command = /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/deliver
> But this is not a good idea; see the thread "Problems with deliver (LDA)".
> Better to configure it is a content filter.

Could you be a little more specific? I tried searching for the "Problems
with deliver (LDA)"; however, I am not sure if I found the one you are
referring to.

In any case, I would like to know why it is not working as an LDA
correctly on my system. Procmail, or just the build-in Postfix LDA works
fine. According to the literature I have read, it should be working.

Gerard Seibert
gerard at seibercom.net

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