[Dovecot] one example, just one example ...

OpenMacNews openmacnews at gmail.com
Thu Aug 31 19:27:55 EEST 2006

... of a correctly formatted QUOTA spec in/for a static userdb.  That's all I'm 
askin' for!

i've tried a bunch of variants. the most recent two:

	user at domain.com:{PLAIN}testpass:::::: quota=maildir:storage=4096
	user at domain.com:{PLAIN}testpass:::::: maildir:storage=4096

*none* (so far ...) work to override the spec in dovecot.conf.

no errors in the logs; rather, simply:

	dovecot: Aug 31 08:54:25 Info: auth(default): passwd-file 
/var/MailServer/Data/USERS/imap_user_file: Read 2 users

nobody? really, nobody does this successfully?


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