[Dovecot] rc >= 6, libtool and zsh

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Thu Aug 31 21:50:32 EEST 2006

Hello Timo,

On FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE, rc7 doesn't build (rc6 didn't either) because
of a broken "sed" in the genarated "libtool" script, at least with the
"zsh" shell comming from the ports (zsh-4.3.2).

This has occured starting from your move from Autoconf 2.59 to
Autoconf 2.60 since for some reason, now "libtool" is run by zsh
(instead of sh as in 2.59).

I didn't investigate if it comes from :

  . "me/FreeBSD" : my particular version of zsh, or some patch that
     may be included in the port

  . "you" : changes in config.in, some problems in autotools you are

  . "Debian" : the 1.5.22 Debian 1.5.22-4 patches of "ltmain.sh" used

  . "Libtool" : maybe some strange interaction with zsh

  . "Autoconf" : maybe some bug with the libtool script generation by

  . or some other reason

At least, it works if I force CONFIG_SHELL to be /bin/sh

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<hummel at pasteur.fr> | Pôle informatique - systèmes et réseau

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