[Dovecot] configuring lda

Lenny lenny at edpausa.com
Thu Feb 2 20:35:38 EET 2006

after coping lda stanza into the config file, I get "unknown protocol name"
error. adding lda to the list of protocols doesn't seem to do the trick.

 lda was built during compile and the binary is present, piping into it
manually spits error messages about missing config, so how do I go about
the problem above ?

It is my undertanding that using dovecot-lda would help maintain the
indexes in proper state ( as opposed to using procmail and having to
rebuild indexes from scratch upon delivery of large amounts of mail ) ?

mucho gracias to you all.

protocol lda {
  # If you wish to use plugins you need to specify plugin directory
  # For example quota enforcing is implemented by plugin
  #module_dir = /usr/local/lib/dovecot/lda

  # Address from LDA should send MDNs like out of quota
  postmaster_address = postmaster at your.dom

  # If there is no user-specific Sieve-script, global Sieve script is
  # executed if set.
  #global_script_path =

  # UNIX socket path to master authentication server to find users.
  auth_socket_path = /var/run/dovecot-auth-master

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