[Dovecot] nearly there

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Sun Feb 5 14:15:34 EET 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-30 at 18:05 +0100, ohp at pyrenet.fr wrote:
> Hi Timo et all.
> At last I found with unix socket wouldn't connect and it works now.

So the earlier problems are gone? How did you get it fixed?

> However after auth, imap crashes with signal 6.
> This happens on 1 machine, the other (unixware too) work fine.
> The stack trace doesn't make much sense
> here it is anway...
> Core image of imap (process p1) created
> CORE FILE [makedev in cmd-status.c at sys/mkdev.h]
> SIGNALED 8 (fpe code[FPE_INTDIV] address[0x804e38b]) in p1
> 76:		return __makedev(ver, maj, min);
> debug> Stack Trace for p1, Program imap
> *[0] makedev(maj=16, min=1, presumed: 0x8094258)	[cmd-status.c at sys/mkdev.h at 76]
>  [1] cmd_store(cmd=0x0, presumed: 0x1, 0x80947a0)	[cmd-store.c at 139]
>  [2] _cmd_select_full(cmd=0x8072498, readonly=false)	[cmd-select.c at 84]
>  [3] cmd_store(cmd=0x10, presumed: 0x807d184, 0x8047cac)	[cmd-store.c at 74]
>  [4] minor(dev=134511756, presumed: 0x8055266, 0x8047cac)	[cmd-subscribe.c at sys/mkdev.h at 112]
>  [5] imap_search_args_build(pool=0x8047cac, box=0x8047cb4, args=0x8047ca0, error_r=0x804ebc1)	[imap-search.c at 416]
>  [6] imap_search_get_uidset_arg(pool=0x1, box=0x8047cac, uidset="\215}\004\b\235}\004\b\245}\004\b\020\220\b\b\313}\004\b\335}\004\b\357}\004\b", arg_r=0x0, error_r=0x0, 0x1)	[imap-search.c at 447]
>  [7] cmd_append_cancel(ctx=0x8047cb4, nonsync=true, presumed: 0)	[cmd-append.c at 158]
>  [8] ?()	[0]
> debug>

Well, that really doesn't make any sense. It just can't happen, so those
function names were looked up wrong.

> The log says Trying to allocate 0 bytes
> and imap gets killed.

Hmm. There are quite a many ways for the code to get here. I tried
looking if I could find some way to cause this myself, but didn't
succeed. So pretty difficult to get fixed without a correct backtrace..

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