[Dovecot] Compilation problems (1.0-beta2)

Marcus Rueckert rueckert at informatik.uni-rostock.de
Tue Feb 7 13:29:56 EET 2006

On 2006-02-07 11:43:08 +0100, Jakob Hirsch wrote:
> > So, I thought it's ssl related.  I've compiled openssl (0.9.8a) from
> > source as well (installed in default /usr/local/ssl), and set
> There were reports of failing compilation with openssl 0.9.8, so you
> should use 0.9.7 for now. Just use the openssl-0.9.7f-7.10 and
> openssl-devel-0.9.7f-7.10 RPMs. They do the job on my FC4 system.

i happily compile dovecot 1.0.beta2 with openssl 0.9.8 on suse 10.1.


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