[Dovecot] 1.0beta3 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Feb 8 12:22:06 EET 2006

Since there have been so many requests, I guess it's time for beta3 now.
There are a couple of issues that I'm still concerned about, but those
probably happen with beta2 as well.

If you're beginning to see more connection hangs/timeouts with this
release, please tell me.

	* Dotlock code changed to timeout faster in some situations when
	  the lock file is old.
	+ Added support for loading SQL drivers dynamically (see INSTALL file
	  for how to build them)
	+ Keywords are stored to dboxes, and other dbox improvements.
	+ dict-sql could actually work now, making quota-in-sql-database
	  possibly working now (not fully tested)
	+ Added mail storage conversion plugin to convert automatically from
	  one mailbox format to another while user logs in. Doesn't preserve
	+ Added plugin { .. } section to dovecot.conf for passing parameters
	  to plugins (see dovecot-example.conf).
	+ Added ssl-build-param binary which is used to generate
	  ssl-parameters.dat. Main dovecot binary doesn't anymore link to
	  SSL libraries, and this also makes the process title be clearer
	  about why the process is eating all the CPU.
	- Fix building without OpenSSL
	- Fixed memory leak in MySQL driver
	- Fixes to checkpassword
	- Broken Content-Length header could have broken mbox opening
	- Fixed potential hangs after APPEND command
	- Fixed potential crashes in dovecot-auth and imap/pop3-login
	- zlib plugin now links with -lz so it could actually work
	- kqueue fixes by Vaclav Haisman

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