[Dovecot] Dovecot does not access /var/mail when using Maildir

mirko at mirkonet.nl mirko at mirkonet.nl
Wed Feb 8 14:57:06 EET 2006

A Colleague of mine has fount the problem, so for others, here is the

Remove in /etc/postfix/main.cf:
mailbox_command = procmail -a "$EXTENSION"

This command will force all the mail to var/mail/spool and when removed it
will delivered nicely to /home/mirko/Maildir/Inbox


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> mirko at mirkonet.nl wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm running debain on my machine with postfix, squirrelmail and dovecot
>> installed. Everything works fine and I'm able to access my mail via
>> squirrelmail and via Outlook with imap.
>> However I want to create subfolders what is not possible. After reading
>> I
>> discovered that I use mbox and that maildir is needed in order to be
>> able
>> to use subfolders.
>> I have created a Maildir folder with the  maildirmake.dovecot command in
>> my /home/mirko directory and corrected the owner.
>> Now dovecot uses the Maildir and I can create subfolers. However my
>> problem is that I don't receive Emails in my Inbox. Incoming mails are
>> delivered to /var/mail/mirko, but when dovecot uses Maildir it doesn't
>> access this. I have played with the default_mail_env settings in
>> dovecot.conf which does influence the use of mbox or Maildir. However
>> the
>> problem remains: As soon as Maildir is used, the Inbox is empty and I
>> don't receive Email.
>> Is there a way when Maildir is used to point dovecot to /var/mail/ for
>> the
>> incoming Email? Or do I something else wrong?
>> Your help is appreciated.
>> Greetings,
>> Mirko
> Mirko,
>  I don't use Postfix, so I don't know specifically how to do this, but
> you'll need to tell Postfix (or more specifically whatever postfix uses
> for local mail delivery) to deliver to Maildir format files.  Once you
> do this, everything should start working as you expect it to.
> currently your local mail delivery agent is still configured to delivery
> to mbox format files and thus into /var/mail/
> hope this helps
> alan
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