[Dovecot] Broken NSS Implementation

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Wed Feb 8 22:56:11 EET 2006

On 8.2.2006 22:50, "Campbell McKilligan"
<campbell.mckilligan at daedoha2006.com> wrote:

> We're getting this error when IMAP clients attempt to authenticate using
> their aliases rather than their actual username:
> Feb ... dovecot: auth(default): BROKEN NSS IMPLEMENTATION: getpwnam()
> lookup returned different user than was requested (campbellmckilligan !=
> campbell.mckilligan).
> Feb  ... dovecot: imap-login: Internal login failure:
> user=<campbell.mckilligan>, method=plain, rip=,
> lip=, TLS
> Feb  ... dovecot: child 27345 (auth) returned error 89
> For historic reasons, there is no consistency with which username in
> individuals mail client.  NSS correctly returns the name that dovecot
> should use for the purposes of accessing mailboxes etc.
> Dovecot-0.99.14 worked fine in this regard - but since upgrading to
> 1.0beta3 we have this problem.  It's running on a Fedora Core 4 server.
> It compiled fine with selinux enabled.
> Is there a switch to control the response to this NSS behaviour?

Well, you could simply remove the check from src/auth/userdb-passwd.c.
Perhaps I could make this also optional. I'd anyway not want to remove that
check completely because nss_ldap is still not fixed.

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