[Dovecot] RE: epoll error when running as proxy

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Feb 10 17:48:36 EET 2006

On 10.2.2006 03:39, "Jakob Hirsch" <jh at plonk.de> wrote:

> By chance, I looked into the code tonight and found that
> io_loop_handle_add calls epoll_ctl sometimes with MOD on fds that were
> just DELeted before. This is caused by iolist_del, which always returns
> TRUE. I don't fully understand the code (and it looks a little
> overcomplicated to me, considering the epoll code I wrote myself), but
> the attached mini patch makes epoll work again in my setup. Don't know
> if this is a complete fix, though.
> Timo, could you look into this and confirm/negate, please?

Looks fine, committed to CVS.

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