[Dovecot] Maximum Folder Size/Number of Messages

Gregory Bond gnb at itga.com.au
Mon Feb 13 04:09:20 EET 2006

Ropetin wrote:

>  The big question I have is, is there a realistic maximum realistic 
> folder size, either in reference to number of messages or total file 
> size with Dovecot?
The main question is your intended mail folder format -  mbox or maildir?

Each have various tradeoffs (mbox better for huge numbers of read-only 
msgs, maildir better for huge but actively changing folders).  Dovecot 
doesn't (afaict) conveniently support mixed folder format (except for 
the special case of INBOX).

I personally run with several Gb of Maildir, with folders of 20k+ 
messages (my spam folder :<) and Dovecot has
never been a problem..... pity I can't say the same about Thunderbird :<

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