[Dovecot] maildir and stat

David Spidley david.spidley at inbox.com
Thu Feb 16 16:07:52 EET 2006

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> On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 05:54 -0800, David Spidley wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I plan to use dovecot on nfs with maildir.
>> Does dovecot need to stat each file in a maildir, or does it just read a
>> list of files in the directory?
>> i.e. does it do the equivalent of an ls -f, or an ls -l?
> In general it doesn't stat them, but when message's "internaldate" is
> needed, it does a stat(). Or possibly fstat() if the file needs to be
> opened anyway. The internaldate is also stored in dovecot.index.cache
> file, so it shouldn't do it more than once for each mail.

Great - thanks!
So when trying to get a rough estimate of performance, I will look at ls -f, not ls -l.

Thanks very much :)

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