[Dovecot] IMAP and Outlook XP Contacts

Will L Givens diskman at kc.rr.com
Sun Feb 19 02:41:26 EET 2006

I asked some cats in IRC's #linuxhelp chan and they stated that it's not
supported under regular IMAP, that I would need something like OpenExchange
or Open-Xchange in order to get that portion to work.

After googling around, that's when I noticed there aren't that many free
alternatives, the few that are, are so limited and restricted to i386
machines only [closed source unless you pay].  Will L G

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Marcus Rueckert wrote:
> On 2006-02-18 16:19:58 -0600, DiskMan wrote:
>> I was wondering, does Dovecot's IMAP server hand Outlook XP's contact
>> I tried to enter a contact on my IMAP server and received an error from
>> Outlook stating that the Contacts formatting was too complex and thus
>> couldn't be saved.
>> I went ahead and swung my box over to MailDir and scrapped Sendmail for
>> Postfix [for maildir support], I was wondering, would this issue
>> In other words, by swinging over to MailDir, would Dovecot be able to
>> Outlook's Contacts information? Will L G

> contacts via imap? oO

Apparently 'tis possible. From the Courier-IMAP list:

"Good news, everyone!" -- Prof. H. Farnsworth

Insight Connector for Courier-IMAP is a commercial plugin for Microsoft 
OutlookT that allows native Outlook groupware capabilities using 
Courier-IMAP. Outlook users can perform tasks typically available only 
when using the Exchange server, including folder sharing. Some of the 
features include folder sharing, public folders sharing, 
appointments/tasks scheduling, real-time data management, calendar 
sharing and other collaborative tasks.

A trial version of Connector can be downloaded from 
http://courier.bynari.net. This software is supported by Bynari.


Best regards,


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