[Dovecot] mbox to maildir conversion - good idea regarding Outlook?

DiskMan diskman at kc.rr.com
Mon Feb 20 16:57:50 EET 2006

To: Gerhard Hofmann
Funny you should ask... I just swung my box over from MBOX to MAILDIR and to
be honest it works like a top. About the only issue I had was when I was
experimenting with the IMAP portion of the server and Outlook XP/2000. With
Outlook I received several 'timeout msgs' or 'not connected'. With the
option below:

imap_client_workarounds = outlook-idle 

I would just simply click on 'Connect' or 'Send/Receive' and I was good to
go once more. Other than that, it ran like a top... Will L G

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Hi list,

first of all, many thanks to the Dovecot authors for supplying an IMAP 
server that works well with M$-Outlook! I have used UW-imapd for quite a 
while and was annoyed by frequent "imap...timeout..." error messages.

Now I'd like to give maildir format a try because I want to use email 
sub-folders. What are other Outlook users' experiences with maildir? Is 
it as stable as mbox?


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