[Dovecot] Re: mbox to maildir conversion - good idea regarding Outlook?

Stian Jordet liste+dovecot at jordet.net
Mon Feb 20 22:42:26 EET 2006

man, 20,.02.2006 kl. 18.54 +0200, skrev Timo Sirainen:

> BTW. Nowadays Dovecot includes its own conversion tool also, which might
> work better than mb2md. Usage is something like:
> src/plugin/convert-tool user /home/user mbox:/home/user/mail:INBOX=/var/mail/%u maildir:/home/user/Maildir
> It converts all mailboxes and you can convert between any two formats.
> Everything is read and written through Dovecot's normal functions, so it
> can use existing indexes to speed things up, and it also writes the
> indexes to destination mailboxes while converting.

But there is at least one "bug" with this; you should convert .'s in
mbox names to underscore or something, else it looks weird. Other than
that, it seems to work fine :)


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