[Dovecot] Problems with dovecot-sieve on Debian Etch using dovecot LDA

Samir M. Nassar stabile at myriapolis.net
Thu Jan 4 06:22:21 UTC 2007

On Friday 29 December 2006 12:29, Samir M. Nassar wrote:
> I am running debian etch with dovecot 1.0 rc15 from the debian repository
> with postfix 2.3

I have found part of the problem.

I am using postfix-2.3 and the instructions on the dovecot wiki are there for 
postfix <2.0 from some of the configuration options.

I will have to read up on the configuration option for postfix 2.3.

Also, in certain circumstances deliver works as advertised and everything is 
fine that way, the problem is making sure that postfix delivers mail to the 
virtual users.

Thanks for all the help, it is much appreciated.

Samir M. Nassar

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