[Dovecot] Postfix & Dovecot LDA

Láďa durchanek at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 17:12:30 UTC 2007

I have a setup, which is the same (currently in testing).

Main problem is that LDA has to switch its privileges to the owner of mail
so it has to be run as root. Marking it suid solves the problem, than you
can change it to be executable only by Postfix.
Timo says that this is the safe way and I personally believe him :-)


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before I start to write a lengthy email about something that isn't
really possible anyway: can I make Postfix use Dovecot's LDA and start
it with different user IDs?

My scenario: Dovecot authenticates users for Postfix and itself using
Postgresql. Mails for two domains should be stored under
/srv/<domain>/<user> (which is the location returned by my user_sql
query and mail_location).

When my clients login (with usernames of the form 'user at domain'),
Dovecot creates/opens the correct mailboxes for them, but I can't get
LDA to deliver to these mailboxes. Whatever I try, I am always running
into some kind of permission problems (either for the mailboxes, or for

I want to use a unique UID for every virtual domain, so I guess LDA
needs to have permissions for every corresponding mailbox *and*
Dovecot's auth_socket_path. Is there a good solution for this which
doesn't involve severe security implications?

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