[Dovecot] rc18->rc19: read/unread/reply flags broken

Jeff A. Earickson jaearick at colby.edu
Thu Jan 25 13:51:57 UTC 2007


This might be a bit vague, but I have noticed that rc19 seems
to have broken the read/unread/reply flags in imap.  My officemate
has had problems with messages that are read and marked as read then
mysteriously get remarked as unread the next time email is checked.
I've had problems where I reply to a message and it does not get
marked as "answered".  We didn't see this with rc18 and earlier.

My setup: Solaris 10, sparc, T2000 system.  rc19 (now back to rc18),
using mbox format.  system mailbox is NFS mounted from another
Sun Solaris 10 system, homedirs and dovcot cache files are on local
zfs filesystems.

Jeff Earickson
Colby College

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