[Dovecot] Using global und per-user sieve scripts at the same time

Matthias Kellermann matthias at adminlife.net
Mon Nov 26 15:50:00 EET 2007

Hi list,

I'm trying to get a global sieve mailfilter with per-user sieve scripts
to work.

At the "lda"-section in the dovecot.conf file I have:
global_script_path = /usr/local/etc/sieve/spam

require "fileinto";

if header :contains ["Subject"] ["***Spam***"] {
  fileinto "Spam";

which will work fine delivering Spam Mails in a Spam dir for every user.
If a user creates his own .dovecot.sieve file the global script will not
work anymore.

How can I enable global and local per-user sieve scripts at once? Is
this possible? Do you know any workaround so all users will have the
same (Spam-)sieve filters beside there own (global templates or so)?


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