[Dovecot] Outlook cant connect to POP server.

"Fábio M. Catunda" fcatunda at contactnet.com.br
Tue Apr 1 00:38:44 EEST 2008


I'm having a weir situation with MS Outlook and dovecot. I'm using POP 
for some users, some can connect, others cant.

With tcpdump I got this packet coming from client to server:

2008-03-31 18:30:20.913718 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 128, id 1082, offset 0, 
flags [DF], proto: TCP (6), length: 48) > S, cksum 0x90db (correct), 2564735473:2564735473(0) 
win 65535 <mss 1460,nop,nop,sackOK>
E..0.:@...c.... ...|.0.n........p...............

But the server never give an answer.

I don't have any idea why the server do not answer, in error.log and 
info.log I got nothing.

Dovecot version: 1.0.rc15-2etch3 (Debian package)

And those are the workarrounds that I enabled:
  pop3_client_workarounds = outlook-no-nuls oe-ns-eoh

I'm kind of lost, any tip is appreciated!


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