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Joseba Torre joseba.torre at ehu.es
Tue Apr 1 09:58:40 EEST 2008


El Martes, 1 de Abril de 2008 a las 04:14, Bill Cole escribió:
> That's a question about the competence of the people maintaining that
> repository. Presumably these would be the people who blessed a
> pre-release version of Dovecot almost 18 months ago, in a period when
> such versions were being released every few days *due to bugs*, and
> who have not updated their build at any time since. It seems to me
> that these are not people who should be tasked or trusted with being
> the gatekeepers of software deployment, as that seems to be
> demonstrably beyond their competence.

RedHat (and CentOS) has his own policy about releases, and more or less it 
is: "no update will break a working instalation". So they try to port any 
security patches to their running versions -and this is a lot of work, they 
have their own forked version of almost any package!-, but almost never add 
any new funcionality. This policy has one great point: it's easy to 
understand, and it gives few surprises. And this is great most of the times.

Pre-1.0 Dovecot is the kind of software that doesn't fit well in that policy: 
a lot of changes, and no standard stable version. So they chose one 
version -1.0rc15 in this case-, because their other option was not including 
dovecot. That's exactly why I'm compiling dovecot from source, but I usually 
like the default policy.

Joseba Torre. CIDIR Bizkaia.
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