[Dovecot] Confusion of Sieve filter scripts and the file separator. (Amatuer Siever)

Jack dovecot at xjdesigns.co.nz
Tue Apr 1 10:38:22 EEST 2008


I have just been playing around with sieve filters to split up all my 
incoming mail into the correct directories. I have created some 
subdirectories to put mailing list emails in and just want to check if 
my thinking is correct. I am using namespaces with the '/' character as 
the separator. When creating the fileinto line on my sieve scripts I 
thought I would have to use the '/' character to separate the folders 
(as horde mail also does), but that doesn't work (and produces a 
"Invalid folder" error) instead I must use the '.' character. I am using 
the dovecot deliver module and managesieve for my sieve stuff (dovecot 
1.0.13). I am just wondering if this is the correct behaviour or if it 
is a bug of sorts.



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