[Dovecot] FreeBSD port: port's patch for 1.1rc3

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at egr.msu.edu
Tue Apr 1 19:00:30 EEST 2008

Geoffroy Desvernay wrote:
> For those who wants testing 1.1rc3 on FreeBSD, this is a simple patch
> against /usr/ports/mail/dovecot.
> To apply:
> # cd /usr/ports/mail/dovecot
> # patch -p1 < /tmp/patch_dovecot_1.0.13-1.1.rc3.diff
> Hope I did not forget something important... This is an adaptation of
> the existing port.
> PS: for port's maintainer: Which way will take 1.0 vs 1.1 upgrade ? a
> new mail/dovecot10 port or ?
> Hope this helps
> -- 
> Geoffroy Desvernay
I'm not the maintainer but I've also made a dovecot port for 1.1 as a 
separate port since it is still in development and may require a few 
config changes, I discussed that with the maintainers.  I made it for 
work purposes and I have been keeping up with necessary changes to keep 
it working while I use 1.1, and intended to submit it for inclusion in 
the ports collection but haven't got around to it yet (I'd like to add a 
few compile options for new things since 1.1).  Been really busy at work 
and haven't had time, but I guess if people show they are interested I 
could try to speed that up.

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