[Dovecot] v1.1.rc4 released

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Tue Apr 1 20:53:38 EEST 2008


I didn't have time/energy to fix everything I wanted, so it'll probably
be a few more RCs left until v1.1.0. This is anyway an important
release, because it fixes two buffer overflows in search code which have
been in all v1.1 releases (but not v1.0). Really stupid mistakes, I must
have been tired or something when writing the code.. Anyway I now added
code to notice these kind of buffer overflows when they happen (if
--enable-debug is used), so hopefully these will be the last ones.

	* Fixed two buffer overflows in str_find_init(). It was used by
	  SEARCH code when searching for headers or message body. Added code
	  to catch these kind of overflows when compiling with --enable-debug.
	  Found by Diego Liziero.

	+ LDAP: Added debug_level and ldaprc_path settings (OpenLDAP-only)
	+ Squat: Added fts_squat = partial=n full=m settings. See the wiki.
	- dbox metadata updating fixes.
	- quota: backend=n didn't work
	- SEARCH RECENT may have returned non-recent messages if index files
	  were created by v1.0.
	- If mailbox was opened as read-only with EXAMINE, STOREs were
	  permanently saved.
	- LDAP: Templates were somewhat broken (by richs at whidbey.net)

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