[Dovecot] "Dumb" proxying?

Dan Bongert dbongert at ssc.wisc.edu
Wed Apr 2 00:45:07 EEST 2008

I'm a database noob, and it really seems like it would be overkill for my 
setup: I just want to proxy all connections from my DMZ to my internal mail 
server -- same internal server for all users. I used to use perdition for 
this set up, but am having issues getting it to play nicely with my new servers.

Can I bypass all of the SQL stuff and just have dovecot forward all POP/IMAP 
connections to a specific server? Or perhaps set up a wild card lookup in 
the database (preferably something serverless like sqlite) so that no matter 
the query, it'll return one server? I don't really want to add "database 
management" to my list of jobs I have to do, especially for ~1000 users, and 
when I don't handle user creation/deletion.

Dan Bongert                     dbongert at ssc.wisc.edu

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