[Dovecot] DoveCot IMAP and "inconsistent state" messages

Chris Richards gizmo at giz-works.com
Wed Apr 2 02:23:36 EEST 2008

Charles Marcus wrote:
> No groan here... I love the flexibility Gentoo gives... you can easily 
> leave the primary system at 'stable', then just set certain packages 
> to unstable for the latest/greatest.
> My servers have been running nonstop for over 3 years, with just a few 
> minor hiccups now and then that are quickly resolved by digging 
> through logs and/or hitting google and/or the forums...
> To be fair, most distros *do* have the ability to use extra 'unstable' 
> repos, at least for most major packages, and if I wasn't using Gentoo, 
> I would at *least* be using those...
My other box is Gentoo, and I quite like it.  The biggest problem I had 
with it was that about a year ago when I was give control of it, it 
hadn't been synced in like 3 years, and it was so woefully out of date 
that when I tried to emerge -upDN world, it couldn't reliably upgrade 
because some packages no longer existed, including core packages (and 
the system profile).

Other than that, the only problem I've had was when a Metalog (sysloger) 
update came out that caused my entire system to hang at boot because the 
portage package didn't properly move a couple of files.


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