[Dovecot] DoveCot IMAP and "inconsistent state" messages

Chris Richards gizmo at giz-works.com
Wed Apr 2 23:29:53 EEST 2008

>> Mar 31 14:00:58 myserver dovecot: IMAP(me): Maildir /home/me/.Maildir 
>> sync: UID inserted in the middle of mailbox (85953 > 85053, file = 
>> msg.XL7B:2,)
> This is a procmail configuration problem:
> http://wiki.dovecot.org/MailboxFormat/Maildir#procmail
Just wanted to say thanks for the help.  You guys have made me a hero.

After reading the PostFix group and this group, and spending about a day 
sorting through a bunch of spam configuration stuff, I've got our mail 
server purring like a kitten.  So I went to see the CTO this afternoon 
and explained the situation with the policy about RPMs.  After him 
commenting that he had noticed a substantial drop in spam, his response 
was basically "You seem to have a clue; do whatever you think is 

Thanks again, guys.


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