[Dovecot] Icedove (Thunderbird) crashes when reading IMAP messages

Cam Ellison cam at ellisonpsychology.ca
Thu Apr 3 21:18:23 EEST 2008

This is a Debian lenny/sid installation.  Dovecot has been installed on 
it for over a year, with no problems.  Lately (i.e. the past few 
months), if I attempt to read a message, Icedove crashes.  It does not 
do this when I read a message downloaded from the ISP's POP3 server (not 
that I do this very often - almost all my mail goes through Dovecot).

I am now having to read email with KMail, but cannot send from it - 
that's another story.

Googling for the past month or so reveals nothing: there seems to be no 
bug filed for this, and indeed I think it is an odd communication 
problem with dovecot that has not been seen before.

Has anyone any experience with this, or any ideas how I should go about 
resolving it?  I have not done so (because I don't know how to use the 
data, not being a coder), but can run strace and/or valgrind on icedove 
if that will help.

Thanks in advance


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