[Dovecot] Strange dmesg messages

Uldis Pakuls neko at it4u.lv
Sat Apr 5 14:22:19 EEST 2008

Raphael Bittencourt S. Costa wrote:
> The problem still remains after I removed hdlm driver.
> I've tested on Suse10 with kernel x86_64 and
> x86_64, with and without hdlm driver.  What kernel
> version do you use on your suse servers? 
> (ppc) (x86_64) (x86) (x86_64) (x86) (x86)
2.6.21-0.9-smp (x86) (x86-64)

All SuSE - SLES9; SLES10 or OpenSUSE 10.x

My hardware mostly is IBM i-series and x-series servers (x86). and IBM 
RS6000 PPC box. Some them come with preinstalled SuSE linux, some are my 
own setup. In fact I have tested  all  dovecot  versions since v 0.9.x 
and never have any problems related to inotify kernel API.

About inotify.:
Inotify kernel api is included in "vanilla" kernel since 2.6.17-rc1-mm1 
; before this there were only patches (one of them SuSE patch).

since 2.6.19 it is intended to replace older dnotify api.
2.6.18 include a lots of patches/bugfixes against 2.6.17 code.

Linux kernel developers recommends use of dnotify if kernel is older than 2.16.17 
As your case shows - there is problems with patched 2.16.16 code... try use recommended dnotify.

btw: only now I noticed; may SLES9 and SuSE 9.3 uses dnotify...:)   

> What is the impact on performance if I compile using --with-notify=none?
> If I couldn't solve this, I'll problably try Debian.
donotify is more resource expensive - inotify allows monitoring of both 
files and directories via a single open fd.
so before you try  --with-notify=none, try --with-notify=dnotify


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