[Dovecot] A little assistance with Sieve

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Mon Apr 7 10:01:22 EEST 2008

cam at ellisonpsychology.ca wrote:
> With all the mess that my email has become, it makes sense for me to try
> to make use of Sieve, but I'm having quite the time finding out how to
> make it work.  I'm running 1.0.13 on a Debian machine.  Sieve appears to
> be compiled with it.  I can access managesieve, and I have set up
> dovecot.conf with lda.  I do not get a NO response when I PUTSCRIPI, but
> LISTSCRIPTS produces no result, so I assume it's not working properly,
> though if I try with a non-existent script I get an error message.
> Questions:
> 1. Is anyone else seeing this, or am I doing something wrong?
> 2. I have seen through Googling some dovecot.conf examples that suggest I
> should be using managesieve instead of lda (or in addition? - it's not
> clear), as in protocol managesieve { ...
First of all, could you provide us with the output of  'dovecot -n' and, 
since you are talking ManageSieve manually to the server already, a 
listing of a protocol session (i.e. commands and responses)? And, if you 
enable mail_debug for the managesieve protocol, you will get messages in 
your logfile indicating where the sieve storage directory is located. 
This gives you the ability to check whether the scripts are actually 
stored as expected.

About the relation with lda: the 'protocol managesieve' section is for 
the managesieve server and the 'protocol lda' section is for Dovecot's 
'deliver' LDA. Deliver is what actually executes the Sieve script (using 
the Sieve plugin) and delivers the message accordingly. So, managesieve 
does not substitude the lda; it is run in addition to it.

Recently, I've started to write a wiki page for the managesieve daemon:


That should provide enough information for the configuration of the 
managesieve daemon, so you might be able to find the cause of your 
problem there already. The dovecot configuration example (which is 
installed as the default configuration in Debian) also contains some 
configuration documentation regarding managesieve.



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