[Dovecot] Dovecot features

Phan Thanh Diện dienpt at tvs.vn
Tue Apr 8 10:01:34 EEST 2008


We would like to switch from courier-imap to dovecot. I have installed 
dovecot on a machine running FreeBSD 6.3 and now testing it. My 
questions are below:

1. Can I configure dovecot to delete all files that are older, say 10 
days, from defined mail boxes (for example Trash or Spam).
2. After I access mail box (using web mail squirrel imap) all emails 
moved from 'new' directory to 'cur'. Then messages are not accessible 
for pop3. Such behavor doesn't occur with courier-imap. Can I force 
dovecot to behave like courier-imap?

Many thanks for help.
Dien Phan

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