[Dovecot] Dovecot features

Phan Thanh Diện dienpt at tvs.vn
Wed Apr 9 05:48:09 EEST 2008

Curtis Maloney sent this message on 4/9/2008 9:37 AM:
> Phan Thanh Diện wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thank you for your email.
>> Unfortunately we are facing the problem I wrote about: after a user
>> access mail box via web client (www.squirrel.org) he can not see emails
>> any more via pop3. The reason is emails moved from 'new' to 'cur'
>> although nothing done. Dovecot automatically moves.
> Dovecot moves it because it is supposed to.  Messages in "new/" are 
> messages
> that the client has not "Seen" yet.  Once they've seen them, the Maildir
> specs dictate the messages be moved to cur/.
>> Currently with courier-imap, no matter we access via web mail or imap
>> client (such as ThunderBird or Outlook) users can retrive emails via
>> pop3. So my question is: does courier-imap behave abnormally or my
>> dovecot mis-configured?
> I couldn't say much about how courier works, having not used it.  I know
> Timo and many others have investigated its behaviour, though.
> I vaguely recall some Dovecot config option about how Seen is handled...
> have you checked through the config file?
> -- 
> Curtis Maloney
> cmaloney at cardgate.net
I understand that seen messages must be moved to 'cur' folder. My 
question is: when web mail client lists messages in front page, none of 
them selected yet, do they become SEEN or not?
The second question: if I disable pop3 with XMail and use dovecot for 
pop3 service, can I see emails in 'cur' folder via pop3 connection?

Thank you,

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