[Dovecot] Delete old mails and refresh quota

Nicolas Letellier nicolas at nicoelro.net
Wed Apr 9 12:51:10 EEST 2008


I use dovecot 1.0.13. So, I can't use expire plugin (require dovecot
For delete old mails in Junk mailboxe, I use a cron:
find /var/mail/vmails/ -regex '.*Junk/cur/.*' -ctime +30 -delete

It works.
However, quota is not refreshed. If my quota is to 90% and I delete 85%
of my mails, quota still 90%, not 5%. I must delete my maildirsize after
this cron.

Do you have another solution to actualisize my maildirsize after a
delete of mail?


 - Nicolas.

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