[Dovecot] Procmail died with Signal 11

Johannes Grimm johannes.grimm at fh-rosenheim.de
Thu Apr 10 16:01:31 EEST 2008

Thank you Bill for your quick response.
I´ve already joined the procmail-list but it seems that no ones using it....
I´m already waiting day´s for a response....

You probably need to know that if a process is about to die, hundreds
of the similar processes with the same mail-contents have already been 
succesfully delivered.
but there must be a special circumstance that some processes still dies 
an the mail get lost.
i have already tried procmail -t (which actually means that procmail 
dies softly if so, and the
mail should get requed, but this functions is not working in my case)


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Bill Cole schrieb:
> At 11:23 AM +0200 4/10/08, Johannes Grimm wrote:
>> Hi to all out there,
>> i know this is not the right mailinglist for this issue,
> That is correct. See http://www.procmail.org/era/lists.html to find 
> one more suitable.
>> but i?m hoping to get maybe here an answer to my problem.
> Your problem is a bug in procmail that is brought out by rules that 
> are not adequately paranoid about their input.

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