[Dovecot] The CONTROL problem with fs quotas.

Jorgen Lundman lundman at lundman.net
Fri Apr 11 08:15:10 EEST 2008

> Using CONTROL= with "%u" will quite quickly run into the problem that 
> the directory will fill up, and hit the maximum (around 32k) or so. We 
> have 170k users so far, and more are being imported.
> You could cull some from crontab or similar, but is generally a poor way 
> to solve a problem.

Worse, it also moved all the "subscriptions" files, so customers no 
longer saw their folders, and different result in each cluster. (it'd 
would have to move to a NFS volume).

Seems the only real solution is for us to patch Dovecot, or hope for 
future features.


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