[Dovecot] Delete antispam emails

Tom Hendrikx tom at whyscream.net
Sat Apr 12 14:14:24 EEST 2008

David Reid wrote:
> I'm using dovecot with the antispam plugin to allow for training, but
> how do I delete emails once they've been trained? If I delete them from
> the folder using an email client they get retrained as valid emails when
> they're moved to the trash folder! D'oh.
> I'm looking, ideally, for a solution that doesn't need a script to be
> run per user as I have a number of users using this feature. Also, the
> cleanspam script doesn't seem to be able to find the folder I'm using
> ('SpamTrain') so what format should I use?
> Thanks.
> david

When you configure the trash folder in the antispam plugin correctly, 
messages moved from spam to trash are not retrained as ham. With 
Thunderbird as your client in default configuation, the dovecot plugin 
config should look like:

antispam_trash: Trash
antispam_spam: Junk

You need to add the appropriate (default) folder names for all used 
clients though, or standardize the folders and let users adapt the 
settings in their clients.


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