[Dovecot] Delete antispam emails

David Reid david at jetnet.co.uk
Sat Apr 12 20:26:57 EEST 2008

Johannes Berg wrote:
>>> When you configure the trash folder in the antispam plugin correctly,
>>> messages moved from spam to trash are not retrained as ham. With
>>> Thunderbird as your client in default configuation, the dovecot plugin
>>> config should look like:
>>> antispam_trash: Trash
>>> antispam_spam: Junk
>> Hmm, I thought I had done that! These are the lines I have
>>   antispam_trash = trash;Trash;Deleted Items
>>   antispam_spam = SpamTrain;INBOX.SpamTrain
> That looks fine; the alternative would be to make Thunderbird not use


> trash but rather imap's deleted functionality.

There are too many users for me to be able to do that... :-(

> Can you enable debugging (to syslog) and see what it prints?

Hmm, that would make sense, but how do I do that? I'll try the docs
again :-)

> johannes
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