[Dovecot] Minor namespace issue - inconsistent default value

Joel Johnson mrjoel at lixil.net
Wed Apr 16 04:59:44 EEST 2008

I burned some time yesterday over a documentation inconsistency.

The dovecot-example.conf file shipped with dovecot (checked with 1.1rc4 and
the April 3 nightly), includes an indication at the top that the commented
values listed are the defaults for the settings. Line 248 of this file has
the inbox setting for a private namespace which indicates that the default
value for this setting is true. However, line 358 of
./srv/master/master-settings.c sets the default value of the namespace inbox
variable to false. With a single private namespace (what I was setting up),
one wants this value to be true, however when using multiple namespaces the
default should likely remain false. I propose keeping the coded default and
changing the line in the example configuration file to indicate false.

Before I determined that this was the issue, I had a single namespace
defined (but not as INBOX), and dovecot (both deliver and imap) created and
read from a .INBOX directory under the Maildir.


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