[Dovecot] Please help: LDAP configuration _almost_ works.

Rob Coward Rob.Coward at game.co.uk
Wed Apr 16 16:40:26 EEST 2008

On Wed, 2008-04-16 at 08:28 -0500, Jack McKinney wrote:
> 	Looking at your config, it seems that your passdb for LDAP depends on
> your userdb, as you have mail= twice in your pass_attrs, once for
> userdb_user.
> 	For that matter, why do you have userPassword=password? dovecot should
> never need to see the contents of this field.  Indeed, this is the whole
> point of using auth_bind: instead of dovecot retrieving the password
> from LDAP and checking it against the user-supplied one, dovecot should
> _send_ the password to LDAP in the form of a bind and have LDAP accept
> or reject it.

I never said that it was right, only that it works for us ;)

It may be that some of our config settings are unnecessary, redundant or
sub-optimal, but it works, its running happily in an active-passive
RHEL5 cluster configuration using ext3 on DRBD for storing the
mailboxes, and until we look at upgrading to the latest dovecot stable
release, we aren't likely to play with any config settings....

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