[Dovecot] How to deal with mail to unknown virtual recipients?

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Fri Apr 18 19:54:50 EEST 2008

> Seeing as Dovecot recognises when a virtual recipient is invalid, couldn't it 
> somehow put the to-be-rejected mail back to Postfix (or whichever MTA)? Or 
> should it just drop it? I don't know what the SMTP (whichevery protocol is to 
> be followed here) says about this, so I pose the question again: 

Once you have accepted the mail *YOU* are responsible for dealing with 
it and generating bounced back to the original sender as per all the 
RFCs.  If you accept obvious forged mail then this is going to get you 
sending bounced back to poor innocent forged recipients and listed as a 
spam sender when you hit spam traps...

Just don't accept mail into postfix that you don't want to have to deal 
with later... Kill it right at the front door and reject it and then it 
becomes the upstream server's problem to deal with...

Good luck

Ed W

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